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In our first blog post, we want to talk about something that is probably the most important topic for us, and that is investing in our well-being and health, both mental and physical.

But what exactly is this investment?

If you type the word investment into Google, we get long-term capital investment for profit. This may be a complicated explanation, but in reality the idea is very simple. An investment is the exchange of one thing for another, hoping to benefit more from the other than from the first.

As the simplest example, you exchange your euros for shares, hoping that the shares will benefit you more than just holding euros.

But an investment doesn’t always have to be stocks, bonds or precious metals, it can be your own home, starting a dream business, a vacation trip, or any other product or service that brightens your heart and helps you to become the best version of yourself. It is the last investments that are gaining more and more popularity, because no matter how many shares or gold you have in the bank, happiness lies in your own health and well-being. Health before wealth and before paying attention to other aspects of life should be in good contact with yourself.

And today we want to talk about how you can invest in yourself and make your life better with Luminescence Collection clothing. 🙂

With Luminescence Collection clothing, you actually invest in three aspects of your life:

  • Emotion
  • Quality
  • Uniqueness

We will explain these concepts more thoroughly, but before that we ask you to imagine the content of your wardrobe. Are there a lot of clothes or are you more into a capsule wardrobe faith? Do all the items in your closet make you feel good, beautiful and omnipotent? And does the content of the cabinet shows your true nature, or do you feel a bit like a grey mass?

If you have deciphered a wardrobe for yourself and you want to change it or add high-quality items with good energy, then let us tell you the importance of investing in clothes.

At Luminescence Collection, we have designed and created all products with you in mind, as a woman who wants to feel feminine, strong and special every day. With this in mind, we aim to induce positive emotions in you, making clothes with durable and high-quality materials and developing unique designs for each product.

Wearing our leggings, the women have given feedback that as soon as they got to them on, they immediately felt that they could conquer the world. So the first investment in clothes is an emotion – the feeling that you want to go and do a workout, that you are  powerful, that you are independent and ready to take on the world. And if you ask us, investing in that emotion is the best thing to do, because it all starts with you. 🙂

Everyone probably knows the difference between a sport leggings that cost ten euros and a sport leggings that cost many times more. The first ones “will do”, but they will often slide down or lose the color after some washing, there is no feeling as if the pants are  hugging you and the frequently noticed transparency also makes them subquality product. The other type of sport leggings however remain in the same color even after a year of training and exercise, they conform firmly to your body shape and do not cause anyone to see more than they should. We do our utmost to guarantee that Luminescence clothes are made of strong and durable materials that will last for years, if properly cared for. This way, you don’t have to buy new clothes every few months after old ones became unwearable and therefore you can actually save money by investing just once in high quality products.

The women in our clothes are fierce! The word “grey mass” makes their shoulders shake, and they want to help everyone get out of it. That’s what we want also, and that’s why the Luminescence Collection is not a mass-produced company, rather each set is only available in a limited quantity. With the help of this, we hope to prevent meetings at the gym where women discover they are wearing the same sports bra or the same leggings. We value originality and uniqueness and hope to give you a chance to stand out.

So, dear women, invest in yourselves because you are worth it!

Your Luminescence Collection

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