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One of the promises we try to fulfill, while also improving with each set, is quality. But oh, what a journey it has been…

As with everything, success is not guaranteed immediately and it can take years. The same applies to us – during these years we have gained a lot of experience, we have changed partners, and also learned that, no matter how much we discuss things over with our seamstresses, it is always good to talk about everything twice and when the work is done – check it. Due to these inspections, we have made a number of changes to the fabric, logo, design and other elements that make each of our clothes a whole. Nevertheless, in spite of this, we have been forced to, every once in a while, write some kind of defective clothes off – so that the clothes that reach women would be durable, strong, and long-lasting.

Starting from the beginning – with our first partner we had a wonderful connection at the beginning and the clothes were of high quality and beautiful. What we also saw right away was each product being a little different in quality. For the most part, of course, the clothes were very beautiful and of high quality, but there were also clothes that did not meet our expectations. That’s why we decided to inspect all our clothes before they were shipped – that’s when our quality control started, because we never want the defective item to reach the customer.

When, at first, we had about 10 faulty pairs of leggings (out of 100 pairs) that we had to write off, then, as time went on, the quantities that no longer passed the quality control became larger. In addition, we also had cases where a higher quality fabric was used in the product sample and a poorer fabric (without our knowledge) was used in the production of the order. This created a situation where, while everything seemed beautiful in our quality control, the properties of the fabric were different and it could happen that the fabric quickly lost its original appearance. And before we knew it, we already had half of the 100 pairs of pants going to be written off.

We knew we had to find a new manufacturer right away, but since this is a very big change, it won’t happen overnight. Obviously, all entrepreneurs know how long and expensive this process is. But since we have always made Lumi primarily for emotion, not for financial purposes, we accepted the challenge and in three months we had a new partner and the error rate fell from 50 to 5. So we can be very proud and sincerely grateful that we did everything so well.

But how does quality control affect Lumi’s day-to-day operations?

Quality control means that every item that reaches women is inspected to prevent loose threads, holes, or manufacturing stains on clothing.

To maintain the quality of our clothing, we have deliberately postponed launches so that we can review all our clothing one at a time before selling it. In addition, we always sell fewer pieces than we actually have – to leave room for possible changes, as each fabric is slightly different and even if the size is the same, the fit may be different. We also leave room for some defects that are not visible during quality control and only become apparent when worn (for example, the thread starts to branch, etc.). As the satisfaction of each customer is important to us even after the purchase, we want to be sure that we can offer an exchange even if all the clothes on the website are already out.

All of this is designed to create positive emotions in the wearer, in addition to quality, and to make it clear that every woman deserves the best.

You, a good wearer, can also contribute a little to the improvement of the quality of clothes. So if you have any recommendations, suggestions, or you would like to share your feedback with us, please feel free to do so. Only with your help can we aim higher together.

But we’ll talk soon about how to pat your own Lumi clothes and extend their lifespan. In the meantime, let’s wait for the news, arriving any moment now, about the “fate” of clothes that have not passed quality control and the possibility of using the fabric to the maximum.

Thank you for trusting us!

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