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Everyone is special. In terms of your thoughts, appearance, experience, knowledge and many other aspects. At Luminescence Collection, we focus on helping women feel confident and beautiful. How?

Our story and idea to start our own clothing brand started years ago, when we felt that we wanted to wear something different and something that makes women feel special and emphasizes their personality when exercising.

Inspired by this idea and desire, Meeli, the creator and designer of Luminescence, became interested in designing clothes and thinking about how to make stylish and modern patterns even more unique and make them a reality with high-quality fabric. This is not the story of a woman with miraculous powers (although she is wonderful) who began to invent patterns like bicycles, but a story about how to perfect something that is already beautiful, but making it special by adding its own personality.

Take, for example, the Moonlight set, which began with the need for a reflector in the dark. Since the reflectors themselves tend to disappear, get in your way or if you happen to be one of those people who do not want to hang the reflector on your beautiful coat, our desire was to create a set that will make you visible in the dark. From there came the idea to make a regular black set special by refining it with reflective dots.

Reflective fabric is no longer a new discovery today, and this element is also used by many other sportswear brands. What is very interesting in itself is that while we may have a similar vision in using reflecting elements the end result can be quite different, depending on the reflective pattern (such as the number, size and density of dots), the features of the fabric and the cut design. We at Lumi have always loved minimalist design and this was the basis for our Moonlight set. What sets our set apart from other clothes with reflective elements was the desire to use reflective dots minimally, but not to lose its visibility effect. We also used a new, even more body-supporting fabric for the Moonlight set, our characteristic leggings and a discreet, embroidered logo.

The same is true of our other designs. In fact, all the animal patterns we have used in our products already exist, and we have used the same tactic to take as inspiration something that already exists in nature, in its natural form, but make it unique with suitable colors, fabrics and patterns.

But no design or idea becomes a set of clothes until we find a fabric that matches the design. Continuing with the Moonlight set, which idea arose in 2020 and did not come true until 2022, there are other stories where we have been looking for a suitable fabric for a long time. For example our first Cheetah, where it took us a whole year from idea to realization, and our new Snakeskin set that is still in the process of creation. For the new Snakeskin we have been testing samples for more than half a year, but have not yet found the right fabric to make us feel special and that would meet other important criterias.

And sometimes things just don’t go as planned. However, if the fabric tone first tested does not match the design or the selected material looks wrong with the selected pattern, we will not throw the idea away, rather we will do our best to bring extraordinary, durable, body-hugging and breath-taking clothes to the wearer at later time down the line. Fortunately, we have also found good partners, to whom we are deeply grateful, because they understand our goals and contribute to the fulfillment of Lumi dreams.

We are also grateful to you, dear woman, for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to put ideas into reality and bring a smile to your face.

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